Profiles, components and aluminum pipes

At Aluminext, we supply aluminum extruded parts, profiles, and pipes of the highest quality, providing a comprehensive service for the needs of your company.


Manufacturing of aluminum line profiles

By Design

Extrusion of custom-made profiles

Tuberia Conduit de aluminio


Aluminum and galvanized steel conduit pipe

Structural Profiles
for Automation


Electric tray for cable distribution

Custom-made profiles

We manufacture solutions tailor-made for our customers, ensuring confidentiality and exclusivity on their engineering designs


1. Design

The customer provides a design or a CAD drawing to us. We sign an NDA (Non disclosure agreement) to guarantee the confidentiality of their designs.

PricingAluminum Exclusive Designs

2. Pricing

Based on 3 criteria.
1) A one time fee to create the first die.
2) Aluminum cost based on LME (London Metal Exchange) prices.
3) The conversion cost for extrusion.

Aluminum Die Manufacturing

3. Die Manufacturing

Die usually are built and tested within approximately 6 weeks.

Physical sampleAluminum Piece

4. Physical sample

We test the die and make sure the new profile meets all quality requirements and we send a physical sample for customer approval.


5. Manufacturing

After customer approval, we begin with extrusion and distribution according to customer needs.


All of our products are manufactured under the highest quality standards, with ISO 9001: 2008 and UL6A certification in conduit pipes.

Certificaciones de Aluminext

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The qualities of aluminum make it a versatile element of modern engineering.

In its pure form it is malleable and can be used in alloys with other metals to increase its strength.

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